Happy New Year!

[I know this is late… but since I’m sure one of your resolutions is to be more forgiving/patient, we’ll pretend that I posted this a few days ago instead of 6 days into the New Year.  Mmmkay?]

New Year’s Eve is probably one of my least favorite holidays for a number of reasons…  There’s so much pressure to celebrate in some huge and glamorous way every single year.  It sucks to try to squeeze into something cute for a glamorous celebration after indulging in all the Christmas party food and drinks you’ve been consuming over the last month.  It’s easy to focus on your regrets from the previous year and pin unrealistic hopes on the new year.  We always manage to have neighbors that are amateur pyrotechnicians auditioning for the White House’s independence day fireworks show.  People are always trying to force black eyed peas on you “for luck” (I’m thinking that I’m more lucky if I don’t have to eat those nasty things).  Staying up until midnight is getting tougher and tougher the older I get.  And seriously – Ryan Secrest is totally butchering the New Year’s Rocking Eve program now that Dick Clark has passed on.

This year, I spent NYE day helping my husband repair our boat trailer… and by “helping”, I mean that I babysat the boat out on the sun-sparkled water while he repaired the trailer.   I met a girlfriend for lunch/laughs on a sunny patio and realized four hours later that we should probably get moving.  Erik and I didn’t get out for dinner or drinks… we stayed in with a pizza, bottle of champagne, and some break-and-bake cookies.  We zoned out on TV for a while until I remembered that I had not yet completed my required CBTs for work, so I pulled out my laptop and spent the last hour of 2012 reading about export/import laws, workplace safety, and computer security.  I finished just in time to set my laptop aside, count down as the Times Square ball dropped on TV, toasted the new year, and smooched my hubby.

New Year’s day, we spent the better part of the day cleaning out and reorganizing the garage that was littered with biking, boating, and beaching stuff… storage tubs and boxes that are residuals of a few of our last moves… tools and supplies from all the house projects we’ve had going on in the last year… and about a dozen dirty coffee cups (wth?!).  It was a pretty big task, but is probably one of the best time-investments we’ve made in a long time.  It’s crazy how having the garage squared away has made me practically giddy… but since I have mild OCD, walking in and out of that dark and cluttered space 2 or 3 times a day was adding a lot of unnecessary stress to my day.  

That evening, I met some awesome runner-girls for a run… This was the first run for me in a few weeks, actually.  I figured it was going to hurt and it did… physically.  But mentally?  It was awesome to get back out there… get my head back in the right space about exercise… and give myself a “do-over” starting point for the year.  After the run, we stood around in our sweaty clothes with plastic champagne glasses full of bubbly and toasted to a happy and healthy new year.


photo credit goes to Melissa P. 🙂

I didn’t wear a single spec of sequins, blow a horn, throw confetti, or dance on a table this year.  But it was… one of the best New Year’s celebrations of my life.

How did you welcome 2013?


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