the “B” is back on Biggest Loser…

And by “B”, I mean Jillian Michaels

(I’ll let you decide for yourself what that “B” stands for, but I’ll give you a clue – it’s not “buttercup”.)

So yeah, I’m finally caught up on the first few weeks of this season’s BL that I DVR’d and realize that after a few blissfully JM-free seasons of Biggest Loser… she’s back.  And, unfortunately,  she didn’t spend any of her down-time in acting classes.  She’s still as overly-dramatic as she was before.

Don’t get me wrong, she’s a total bad-ass and I think she could almost convince me to give up Mexican food and beer if I came face to face with her for any length of time.  But those dramatic facial expressions she does during the weigh-in?  Kinda just make her look like she needs more bran in her diet… am I right?

And wow – what the hiz-ell was up with her during that first workout in the premiere episode?!  She clearly didn’t spend any down-time in anger-management classes either.  I mean, spit-yelling in someone’s face while they’re already pushing their bodies more than they have in a really long time – or ever?  I’m pretty sure that would only motivate me to put a flaming bag of poop on her front door step if it was me.

That whole thing where she kicked most of her team out of the gym was just ridiculous.  For crying out loud – these folks are already overcoming a lot by even stepping foot in a gym in their current condition!  I get that a trainer needs to be firm and not let their client cheat themselves in the workout… I get that some of the contestants walk onto the show with a suitcase full of excuses ready… but wouldn’t it be more helpful to motivate someone by helping them believe in themselves instead of ridiculing them?

She’s never been my favorite trainer on the show (I’m “team Bob” all the way), but I’m so disappointed in her this season.  I mean – with this training style she’s adopted – is anyone surprised that her team is down to only one person in just a few weeks?  Uhhhh, probably not.  It’s a bummer for those folks who drew the short straw and got stuck with her as their trainer, but I guess the positive side is that they all seem to be doing well at home.  Maybe she was a better trainer off-camera?

I’m a huge fan of Biggest Loser – we even took the opportunity to sneak onto the Ranch while we were in Malibu a couple years ago…

IMG_5504-2…but I’m not altogether sure I want to continue to watch this season and her flaring-nostrils-of-hate.  I seriously get all tourettes-syndrome-ish every time she comes onto the screen.  Ohhhhhhh, maybe I can make up a kickboxing workout for every time she comes on the screen?

What do y’all think?  Think I’m just being snarky because she’s taking camera time away from my honey Dolvett?

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