love is in the air…

I’ve been under a lot of pressure at work lately and after a long stressful day, it’s kinda hard to work up love for much more than an ice cold beer or comfy jammie pants.

You feel me?

But today…  I have my happy (jammie) pants on and am feeling a whole lotta love that I thought I better capture for future crank-meister days.

What I’m loving today…

  • being married to a man with such diverse interests and talents… he’s a pilot, he’s a rock star musician, he’s a rowing machine, his beautiful photography hangs in our home, and he makes the most adorable little pancakes…
  • living in a city where I don’t need to own a snow shovel or ice scraper.
  • my new honeysuckle candles from Bath and Body Works… the scent reminds me of walking across the campus at my college during my  last semester.
  • the sparkly hooker-heels Erik gave me for V-day… and the fact that he’s convinced I can rock them in public.


  • my hot-pink azaleas that are blooming in February…
  • that after several failed and comical attempts, we were finally able to get a paw-print in clay from our fur-baby that I’ll treasure forever.
  • my new Minimus Zero Trail shoes… they make me feel like a ninja.  truth.
  • having a (mostly) four day work week…
  • the sound of my puppy-dog snoring… or the sound of coffee brewing on one of those four work days.
  • counting down the days until I meet up with the TTCC girls in Atlanta for the P!nk concert and some Chuy’s!
  • photos and texts I receive from my youngest brother about his new cat… dude should totally be in stand-up comedy.
  • the hilarious toddlers and grade-schoolers we volunteer with at church… #connectfourchamprighthere
  • that none of my coworkers even questioned why I would be handing out Justin Bieber valentine’s day cards and temporary tattoos to everyone last week.
  • Primal Roots white blend… because it doesn’t get more classy than an eight-dollah bottle of wine.
  • that next month, I’ll go to Disney World for the first time ever!  and we’ll be going with two of the cutest kids we know…
  • nutella… oh, yes… nutella, I do love you… always and forever.

Soooo… what are you loving right now?

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5 Responses to love is in the air…

  1. I LOVE that your husband gave you sparkly hooker heels. That is awesome.

    As far as what I’m loving? A day off. Mentoring new runners. Coffee. Socks. (Seriously. I’ve fallen in love with $12 socks. WTF is that?)

  2. Victoria says:

    Those shoes are AMAZING!!!!!!!!

  3. Erica says:

    You two are the coolest people ever.

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