41… it’s just a number… a really sucky number.

Brace yourselves (or me), I turned 41 today… 40 was spectacular with a girls’ weekend and boudoir photo-shoot, but 41?  Not so much… I have a sinus infection, some stomach issues from my weekend o’ Mexican food, and I just feel like those sexy photos were a hundred years ago… and my clothes are telling me they soooo were!


I started thinking about it over the weekend and realizing that this getting fit and getting healthy stuff is just not going to get any easier as I get older… not. at. all.  So I’m thinking and pondering all of my many bad habits… and realizing that maybe those bad habits – however amusing – have to go… stat.

I’m a girl who loves her beer… no, really… I loooove beer.  And when I drink, sadly, I want to smoke.  Which is both disgusting and detrimental to healthy-girl-Amanda.  So… it’s time to kick that garbage to the curb and move into the light.

I’m sad to see that party-girl go, because she really can be a lot of fun… but I’m also pretty sure that the ‘Manda that will emerge from healthy eating and moving her lazy butt will be even more fun.

I bought my MC Hammer action figure stone-cold sober (not so much for Mr. T – shush)… I made Halloween costumes for my Ugly Doll one clear-afternoon (when I was gainfully unemployed, whatever).  I’ve even danced on tables in New Orleans without an ounce of crummy alcohol or nicotine in my system (approximately 20 years ago)… so I say, bring it, life.  Just bring it… because this girl… has GOT THIS.


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One Response to 41… it’s just a number… a really sucky number.

  1. Jenn says:

    It was hard for me to come to some of those same realizations. I still let myself get completely shnockered about twice a year. But these days, a lot of parties find me with a flavored sparkling water like La Croix in my hand. And I still manage to have fun. (My husband is seriously annoying when he’s drunk now – I guess I used to be able to put up with it better!)

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